Himkok Oslo

Image by Michal Rohal

Himkok – Mini-world of many pleasures

I find something new each time I go to Himkok  – a new bar, a barber shop, a live concert, pickled everything. Explore for yourself and you’ll find a cocktail bar, a “tap tail” bar (ie spirits on tap), a cider bar and probably one more.

Himkok is the lively brainchild of the same folks behind Crow Bar (read the Crow Bryggeri article), People’s (read my People’s review), Laundromat (see Café Laundromat) and more. And they’ve definitely tapped into the future with Himkok. There’s no shortage of brew bars in town, but Himkok (or loosely “moonshine”) is the first place I’ve been where they distill their own spirits. And the people of Oslo are loving it. It’s teeming with people, live music, chatter, laughter and glasses clinking. The place is packed late on Friday and Saturday nights so you might spend a few minutes queuing up – it’s worth the wait!

The last two times I visited I decided to shock my liver – err, I mean treat my palate. I ordered from among the many apple ciders at the cider bar the first time, while the second time I went for a Moscow Mule at the tap tail bar. I had a nice time sipping my Mule as I sat in the hanging chair outside the bathrooms, writing this very article. People passing by were in a very good mood and I was full of good spirits as well.

In 2016, Himkok was listed among the world’s 50 best bars by www.worlds50bestbars.com.

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Storgata 27, Oslo

Opening Times

Sun - Tue 17:00 - 03:00, Thu - Sat 15:00 - 03:00


Drink: NOK 120


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