Losæter Oslo

Image by Eva Taucar

Losæter – Small urban farm with big ideas

It all started in 2011 as an art project and has since grown into a lush green mix of Oslo’s unique urban farm, a cultural meeting point, a knowledge exchange platform and a funky wild park. It is cultivating – literally and metaphorically – ideas such as self-reliance, organic agriculture and social interaction based on the exchange of living traditions from different cultures.

This open, fluid and inclusive nature of the multiple projects that sprout steadily at Losæter comes in strong contrast with the rational development logic we are witnessing and feel all too much in western cities, and that is why this place is so intriguing and endearing to me. What first got my attention was the architecturally very interesting “baking house”, somehow reminiscent of a Viking ship, which lay half-hidden in tall grass. Curiosity made me stop my bike while returning from the beach to take a peek and have chat. The co-housing space is shared among many different groups and used for numerous activities, from bread-baking workshops to debate and seed exchange.

Every Wednesday, they organise an “open working day” in the garden that ends with group dinner, but for a more detailed and updated event calendar, it is best to check their Facebook page.

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Sørengkaia 2, Oslo

Opening Times

24 hours daily




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