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37 m2 – Bento & bubble tea restaurant

Tired of French delicacies? Enough of the bistrot hamburger and the sandwich poulet-crudites? Are you looking for cheap food Asian style? Rue Sainte Anne is a heaven for lovers of Asian flavours. When I need a very cheap but savory meal, I drop by at this little restaurant (literally 37 sq meters big, just like the name says) to get a bento. They prepare several combinations for that: roasted pork, fried chicken, beef stew, vegetarian… always with rice and salad, and all for the same price (10 EUR) . You can also add a freshly prepared bubble tea (I don’t like that drink but people seem to enjoy it, so it must be good) for an 3 additional Euros.

The place is so tiny that the idea is that you buy and take away, but they have a small space upstairs where you can find a place to eat your quick lunch. 

So, for budget travelers, this is really a worthwile place to visit and the walk through the street is really nice as you see all the displays of Asian restaurants and supermarkets lined up. It really looks exotic in the middle of Paris.

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Details about this spot



Rue Sainte-Anne 64, Paris

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 12:00 - 21:00, Sun 12:00 - 19:00


Bento & B. tea: € 13


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