Venus sur Cour Paris

Image by C Longares

Venus sur Cour – Ancient erotic shop

I found Venus sur Cour in the center of Paris. I was trying to explore erotic shops outside the regular and expected dildo and lingerie. Someone recommended I check this tiny shop, hidden in the courtyard that is behind the main address of the place. When you arrive here, you will think that it’s not there anymore. One has to enter a passage and get to a beautiful paved court where there are some artist shops and a cafe. Then, in the corner, you will find this small treasure.

Venus sur cour is in fact an antique shop where all the items have a sexual or erotic meaning. There you will find ancient lingerie from the ’20s, old dildos made of porcelain or marble, small statues that hide sexual innuendos and figurines of all kinds in the most intimate positions, but also bottle openers and nut crackers in the shape of female legs or phalluses, and all kind of ancient objects with a touch of eroticism. The owner is a very fine lady and she can explain the origin of all the items displayed there. It is a really nice experience to visit and you may find a new decorating item for your bedroom!!

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Rue Saint-Paul 15, Paris

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Wed - Sun 13:00 - 19:00


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