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Andrea Szyper

About me
I’ve lived in Philadelphia since 1995 and worked in travel for just as long. My company, Untours, specializes in European apartment stays and vacations that emphasize connection with the local culture. I coordinate our communications and marketing.

My travels have taken me to Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and all over Europe. I’ve learned to tap the kindness of friendly natives to discover the best of the places I visit. I hope my contributions here can do a little to return the favor.

Why Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is so rich with history, culture, and art, but it is a down-to-earth place. Beyond its historic landmarks, you’ll find a vibrant street life. Farmers’ markets and food trucks fill the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Colorful murals and community gardens brighten the city’s richest and poorest corners.

Philadelphia has a beer scene second only to Portland. The city’s extensive parks and green spaces, miles of hiking and bike trails, pop-up beer gardens, and countless family attractions add to the high quality of life here. This city has something for everyone!

Where can you find me online?

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