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About me
Currently, my work is selling corporate and sports team promotional merchandise. I have also worked as a newspaper reporter and have always had a passion for writing. My wife and I love to travel, in fact planning a trip is nirvana for me. No interest in planned tours or cruises; I love wandering through a new city and stumbling upon interesting places on my own.

While our kids were growing up, we tended to travel in the US, but now that they are out of the house, we have finally made it to Europe! In the States, I love to travel anywhere with a beach, especially New England. Love that rocky coast!

I am also a big movie fan. In fact, a group of us purchased a theater in Jenkintown (just outside Philadelphia) and completely renovated it as a single screen theater.

Finally, I’m a Penn State grad so I live and breathe Nittany Lion Football. And of course, living in Philadelphia all my life has made me a diehard Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers fan! I had no choice!

Why Philadelphia
Philly has everything you could want in a city; history, a vibrant arts scene, great restaurants and all the entertainment options you can imagine. The downtown is easy to navigate and a manageable size. There are so many exciting up and coming neighborhoods to explore in the city, so I never get bored. I always come across a new restaurant or coffee shop. Compared with the other big Northeastern cities, it is a much less expensive place to live and visit. However, you are just a quick train ride from New York or Washington and the Jersey beaches are only a little over an hour away. What more can you ask! I was born just outside Philadelphia and have never left!

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