Wood Street Steps Philadelphia

Image by Jeff Landis

Wood Street Steps – Walk in the past

You probably scanned the picture attached to this story and wondered what could be interesting about some stone steps? These granite stairs are the last remaining artifacts that were commissioned by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia back in the late 1600s. The steps are located close to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge near the Delaware river. 

The story has it that Penn had these steps and 10 others like them (these are the last that remain) built so that the general public would have access to the Delaware. He was concerned that the riverfront private landowners would not allow locals to cross their properties. These stairs gave the public 11 points of entry to the Delaware River. The steps were built possibly as early as 1702, making them one of the oldest remaining relics in Philadelphia. Luckily, residents petitioned to have them added to the City’s register of Historic Places, preserving the steps for future generations.

Now the early 1700s may not seem as romantic as the European ruins that date back to the B.C. era, but if you want to see one of oldest items that remain in all of Philadelphia, check out the Wood Street Steps.

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