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Marta Macedo (1989)

About me
My passions are my fuel. I give all I have to what I love. I am a dreamer and always will be.

I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal. I lived in Rome, Italy for 6 months and in London, England for a month.

I decided I wanted to study journalism at a young age, mainly because I’m as curious as a 5-year-old: I want to get to know people and their stories. I finished my degree in 2012 and right now I’m trying to figure out what I want to do in my life and how I can contribute to the world.

My number one devotion is dance and the universe it encompasses – art, music, the human body. It all fascinates me. I started dancing when I was 4 and dance has never left my body or my soul.

I also love people watching – not in a weird way, I promise!

I strive to live to the fullest and that means traveling a lot, eating well, sharing laughter, experiencing emotions, exploring talents, learning things, getting lost. And dancing.

Why Porto?
I discovered my love for Porto when I was studying abroad. People may live their lives trying to figure out where their home is. Being away made me realize that Porto truly is home for me – not just the place where I was born and raised. And don’t get me wrong, I loved my time abroad and it’s definitely an experience I want to repeat.

But Porto will always have that appeal…

It’s the feeling of belonging. It’s witnessing changes and evolution in a city that’s becoming closer to the world, as far as what it has to offer, while still remaining true to its roots.

It’s ‘saudade’ (yes, this is an invitation for you to go online and look for the meaning of the word).

Porto is small enough to be comfortable, big enough to be interesting. And that balance is what makes it great!

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