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Sofia Kendall (1981)

About me
Even though I’m a genuine ‘Portuense’ (meaning born and raised in Porto), my mother’s side of the family comes from Switzerland and my father’s side from England, a great mixture don’t you think? Adding to my multiculturalist environment, I’ve worked abroad for a few years in Angola and Slovakia.

Travelling far away at least once a year is my biggest passion. Life taught me that the more I’m out of my comfort zone, the better, as it makes me get to know myself more.

I always have a smile on my face, and by being an outspoken person I’m always out and about eager for new cool places to hang out at. Restaurants have a huge role in my life as I love to try new tastes, new smells, new spots, new recipes.

Other passions are photography and social media!

Why Porto?
The experience of living abroad made me appreciate my city even more, missing my Porto lifestyle a lot while I was away. Over the last 10 years, Porto has developed incredibly. Since I came back, in 2009, I’ve been experiencing this transformation first hand, as new things/places keep popping up and making this city even livelier day by day.

Porto is a charming, welcoming city, making it a pleasure to get lost in those typical downtown streets with so much history and details to offer; to just walk into almost anywhere and have a delicious meal; or just to relax by river or the marvelous beaches. There are plenty of things to enjoy once you’re here.

Where can you find me online?

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