Parque da Pasteleira Porto

Image by Sofia Kendall

Parque da Pasteleira – A call for peace!

I love the innumerous green parks Porto has to offer, every time I have some free time I try to hang out at one. A few years ago, I found this one near my house, much smaller than the Parque da Cidade (City Park), but way less crowded, called Parque da Pasteleira. This park is a very charming place, with a beautiful lake, a kids’ playground and 3 lovely wooden bridges connecting the grass side to the side where the forest is denser.

The highest point of the cycle lane that goes by this park is my favorite point, as from there I can see on one side the Árrabida bridge, and on the other side a bit of the river and Gaia (city across the river). I usually walk by when I’m powerwalking towards the river, or go there for a picnic on the green steep side.

Even though the coffee shop is perfectly fitted to the site making it a beautiful place to relax, it has never been open to public, so there are also no wc’s at the park.

This park is a call for peace, where I can enjoy nature and feel the fresh air among the trees, so if you’re staying around or passing by this area, have a nice walk around!

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