Douro footpath Porto

Image by Fernando Ribeiro

Douro footpath – Relax or Sports? The sight!

Nowadays Porto is showing fine options for people who enjoy sports activities or maybe just some relaxing time in nature. These places have a real impact on the living quality of Porto citizens and visitors, as the city tries to keep the balance between both “grey” and “green” areas.

This footpath was built around 2012 and it answered a great need for having a place, like this one, to serve that part of the town. The result is a very nice and pleasant sidewalk with an extension of 3 kilometers along the river bank. It actually starts at the small marine of “Freixo” (with the boats and a fine bar/cafe), and finishes at the small area of “Gramido”.

Along the way there are multiple infrastructures that really turn this place into an interesting option for those wanting to burn off some “toxins”. There are water drinking points, a beach volleyball field, multiple sports equipments to exercise along the way and a canoeing club at the end. All this including a decent path for runners and bikers all along the way.

For those who plan to relax, there are cafes and bars with nice esplanades with a river view, a garden with aromatic plants and some of picnic tables, with a nice shadow provided by beautiful trees.

Douro river’s landscape is very interesting and beautiful to discover (in my humble opinion), and hopefully this footpath will be the continuation of your disclosures!

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Details about this spot



Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto, Valbom, Porto

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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