Nova Sintra Garden Porto

Image by Fernando Ribeiro

Nova Sintra Garden – Another hidden treasure

The other day a local friend of mine said that Porto isn’t a very green city… Well, in my opinion Porto has a lot of beautiful green spaces to offer a pleasant walk and a deep breath of pure air. The question is: do you really have that curiosity and mood to search for them?

The Garden of “Nova Sintra”, close to “Heroismo” metro station is an example of Porto’s hidden gems. It is now home to the private company that administrates the “waters” in Porto, but don’t worry, the garden is open to the public! The theme of it couldn’t be more transparent and obvious: Water. It has a lot of fountains that once supplied all the parts of Porto, which were then transferred to this garden transforming it into an open museum. Together with this attraction, it has many species of centennial trees and a beautiful view of the Douro River. It is also the starting point of special tours to the old underground network of water supply of Porto, unfortunately it is not easy to catch a “seat” in these.

I recommend it as a place to take a walk away from the busy city, to have a picnic, to just sit down with a nice book accompanied by birds singing. A lot of Porto citizens have come to this property just to pay their water bills, and never had the time to explore the treasure that this place hides.

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