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Image by Fernando Ribeiro

STOP – The (Alternative) House of Music

This may possibly be the strangest and most alternative place that you find on the Spotted by Locals network. I’ve chosen to write about it for many reasons, especially because I bet you won’t find anything similar in the world…

“STOP” was one of the main pearls of the shopping malls frenzy of the 80’s in Porto, where families got the “all in one” consumerism point, walking together to check the new trends and fashions. Like a trend itself, this mall was demobilized and abandoned some years later, due to the super sized and new commercial malls.

However, one day a sparkle of light shone down its corridors: A group of friends decided to cheaply rent a shop as their practice room for their musical experiences. This was the beginning of a new age.

Nowadays STOP is practically a “full house”, with almost all its 150 shops occupied by music groups, which all combine in the “STOPestra” project. It has a small coffee “Vitamena” to serve the community and public, the “Metal Point” club for live performances and a few traditional shops. Even if the environment still seems hard and dark, don’t misjudge it by the appearances. This is home to many important artists and the multiculturalism (and “multimusicalism”) breathes here.

You’re very welcome to walk down the corridors and listen to what they sing, or ask to be the audience at some practice or jam session. STOP is the “Spontaneous Take Of Porto”, which urges to be preserved and supported.

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Details about this spot



Rua do Heroísmo 333, Porto

Opening Times

10:00 - 03:00 daily



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