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Ingredients – This spot just smells good

Although there is not a lot of local stuff in this beauty concept store, I do go there and plenty of other locals do. Why? It was founded by locals, in concentrates quality and is very friendly. Because we are all bored with cheap and low-quality stuff. And that makes us sometimes appreciate well-crafted things from the best ingredients. Ingredients Shop has one of the best locations for shopping: it is right around the corner from Pařížská street in Prague, the number one for luxury shopping. Well, this street does not attract me, but Ingredients shop definitely does.

Nowadays, we long for quality over quantity, or at least we try to incorporate that approach in our lives. We want unique things, and my personal strategy is to have one perfect thing over five almost-perfect. That is why I choose my perfume in this shop. They allow to me dig deep in the unique scents, let me take five samples for free and enjoy them at home. And then, the staff pleases me with their smiling service and I have one year of perfume happiness. And then from the beginning…

Long story short, the shop specializes in niche perfumes, high-quality natural cosmetics and great service. I have not seen any Czech brand offered yet, you can check on their e-shop, the closest they have to central Europe is with one Hungarian brand. So pay a visit, spend your money well, and enjoy the pleasant scents.

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Maiselova 41/21, Prague

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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 19:00, Sat 11:00 - 18:00


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