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About me
I am a passionate storyteller, a haiku lover, and fiction writer; a foodie always chasing places and recipes, and a traveler who revels in all colors of life. I make a living working in strategic communications, social media, content writing, and translation and editing. For me, words and images are powerful magic, as they shape realities and impact the world. I love iris flowers, dragonflies, and liminal spaces.

Why Prishtina?
I moved to Prishtina in 2000 for what I thought would be a three-month stay. What is it they say about making plans? The city stole my heart right away. Over the years, I have experienced Prishtina transform and metamorphose. There is so much charm amidst its visual mix, so much bursting energy underneath its calm composure. A uniquely creative energy vibe permeates the city and fuses smoothly with its static side visible in the structures from different eras of its history, the heritage elements, and culture. There is a wealth of beauty and allure hidden in plain sight, ready to be discovered and enjoyed. I want to share with the world tidbits of my life in Prishtina and, hopefully, make readers want to “join” me in the lovely adventure of experiencing the city.

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