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Siniša Arbanas (1990)

About me
In my spare time, every minute is about ‘googling’ where to travel next. When I’ve reached my destination, I don’t love ‘spots’ where you see 10,000 other people taking photos of a thing or statue you have seen like a million times on the internet already.

But I do love sports –I train everyday for a half-marathon– and learning languages on my own. But no need to talk about me, just come in Rijeka :).

Why Rijeka
I personally love Rijeka because of its open-minded people. Rijeka was always a leader in Croatia for its own ideas and liberal way of thinking.
There are many places in the city where you can hide yourself in nature and hang out with friends. Also, Rijeka is a place where you can ski on a mountain and swim in the sea 20 minutes later.

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