Ćakula Rijeka

Image by Iva Sušić

Ćakula – Chitchat with locals

You have tried the Irish burger in Harat’s Pub and the tatar snack in BAR BAR, so you want to try something more local? Konoba Ćakula is the place for you. Mediterranean style, local products, “ćakula” in the vernacular means chitchat. The chef and waiters here are friendly and nice.

The Baltazar burger, Fakin burger, Torpedo burger or the Torpedo Kentucky burger 18+ is waiting for you. What is a Torpedo Kentucky burger 18+? Maybe a burger with tequila? You have to come and try it. Oh no, I said more local and all you can read is about more burgers.

Usually Ćakula serves “marende“/brunch on a daily basis but it’s August and people are on vacation. Summertime deserves summer working time. So, from August you can enjoy Torpedo burgers and à la carte menu from 7 pm to midnight.

Besides local food, definitely try the craft beers. You have to hydrate yourself properly.

Ćakula’s motto is “Think global, eat local”. I am globally inviting you to try our local food.

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Ulica pod Voltun 15, Rijeka

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 19:00 - 24:00


Brunch: HRK 35


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