Križanićeva Rijeka

Image by Valentina Botica

Križanićeva – From forgotten passage to mural art

Really close to Hotel Continental, there is a really beautiful passage on Križanićeva street. It is around 100 meters long and believe me, it is 100 meters of “amazing”. Its architecture follows most of Rijeka city center’s look, but that’s not what is interesting about it. Its walls that are filled out with beautiful murals are the thing that makes it stand out.

Wherever you look – left, right, ceiling – there are eye-catching illustrations, stories, and messages of different artistic styles. It is really hard to pick a favorite one.

It used to be just another empty and forgotten passage that smelled like urine, with just a couple of ateliers and art galleries, but in 2015, a student organization took action and organized an event of “Reviving Križanićeva”. A lot of artists participated, and turned this ugly passage into a beautiful colorful story.

Another event took place in 2020 when Rijeka was holding the title of European Capital of Culture, again by a youth organization. Their topic of the year was “A for Activism” and it served to teach youth about street art, creating murals and art installations from a sketch, as well as about the ways that creative activities affect changes in the local community.

Sadly, even though the plan was to have events organized there often, I don’t recall any other notable activities, and the ateliers and galleries that are situated there seem very empty every time I pass.

Well, at least the art stayed, and it’s wonderful!

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Križanićeva ulica, Rijeka

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24 hours daily
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