Kružna Street Rijeka

Image by Valentina Botica

Kružna Street – Just follow the colors!

The best things are usually right in front of us – or a few steps away from the city’s main promenade. If you are on Korzo, it’s time to discover one of the most interesting streets in Rijeka. On Jadranski trg, there is a small passage that takes you to a street of murals, activism, youth, and culture. 

Kružna street got its name because of its looped shape (krug=circle) which makes it a large space for artistic expression and a place where plenty of NGOs organize cultural events and send empowering messages about multiculturality, LGBT, women’s rights.

Kružna is conveniently “furnished” with colorful wooden pallets as benches, a spot where you can relax and feast your mural-loving eyes.

If you find yourself there in the night, you’ll have to avoid punk teenagers who meet there.

The reason behind this is a club that is partly a legend, partly alive. Called Palach, it used to be the number 1 spot of the alternative life of the city. It gathered everyone with concerts, good music and cheap beer. Now, Palach is open only occasionally for some bigger events, but the hype stayed.

The street represents the heart of the “city of rock”, as Rijeka likes to be called. But Kružna is not only about rock. It is about youth becoming one, the unity, sharing the same values, and sending a message.

Everything that this city stands for is right there in front of you, a few steps from Korzo. Just follow the colors!

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Kružna ulica, Rijeka

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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