Šetalište XIII Divizije Rijeka

Image by Valentina Botica

Šetalište XIII Divizije – A relaxing walk

If you are looking for a nice walk, this is the perfect one. Start your journey from Pećine final bus no.1 station after a day at the beach, or after buying everything you need in Tower Center Rijeka. From there, head towards the city center through the boulevard-like street Šetalište XIII Divizije and breathe in the freshness of the trees around you. If you are there in the spring, you will rest your eyes on the greenery of leaves, the autumn’s vivid colors will keep you amazed, while the shades will keep you cool and fresh in the hot summer months.

Don’t forget to look up – as Rijeka is a city of long history, the architecture on the way will keep reminding you of the rich Austrian-Hungarian and Italian heritage. As you keep moving downhill, almost every building becomes stop-and-stare material. Decorative ornaments on the windows, columns, lion heads, inscriptions… memorable central-European architectural styles await along the way.

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Šetalište XIII Divizije, Rijeka

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24 hours daily
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