Vodovodna Sreet Rijeka

Image by Davor Mandić

Vodovodna Sreet – Hidden beauty in disguise

Since I moved to Rijeka in 1999, I had wanted to live in Vodovodna street: a long, workers street, sort of like an appendix  with bad reputation, which is, for me, like beauty in disguise—just waiting to be discovered. And I succeeded! After 20 years I finally bought a flat there and I’m just moving in! Oh, I will keep you posted about the street and me living there.

For a start, the photo I’m providing is the photo of the ex factory just across the flat I’m going to live in. “This guy must be crazy being excited about living near a ruin”, some of you may think. And probably you’re right, but you would find me even crazier if I told you that I would even like to live inside that ruin.

The thing about the street is that once there was industry here, so the house with my flat was built as a living place for the factory workers across it. As for now, the times they are a changin’, as Bob Dylan would say, so the street, like Rijeka in general, reminds us that there were times when there was industrial growth inside the city borders. Now, instead of growth, we have industrial heritage.

If you come to my street, you will find a great stroll near the river, super bar Skradin, and a nice little hostel Morčić, right across my flat. Maybe you will find it interesting that Vodovodna could be translated as The Waterway Street.

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Vodovodna ulica, Rijeka

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