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Davy Baas (1991)

About me
Well, I’m still a student. I guess you could call me a perpetual student. It has its advantages, though. I mean, I can explore my city whenever I want. Like the rest of my family I suffer from a persevering restlessness to discover the world. To take away some of this restlessness, I made it my personal mission to discover Rotterdam as much as possible. I’m always searching for new things to do or new experiences and share those with Spotted by Locals.

Why Rotterdam
Rotterdam isn’t a beautiful city in the traditional sense. It doesn’t have a historic center or many old buildings. But that’s what makes this city great. After the bombing the city had to reinvent itself. Since then, it never stopped moving. So many things are happening here. New architecture, clubs, restaurants. You name it. It is exciting to live in this city, explore it and be a part of that movement.

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