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About me
The quote “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious” by Oscar Wilde works for me. I grew up on the central coast and have always valued the California virtues of connecting with people and their stories – there is a reason Hollywood and Silicon Valley started here. Everyone has a story, but so few tell it well.

For the last 30 years, I have lived in SF with my charming husband and a series of cats who all have a story to tell.

For better or worse, my story is that history is never boring, if you ask enough questions.

Why San Francisco?
Every time I land at SFO, I love the smell of the fog and the feel of the air. I love where I travel, and I love getting home.

Over the last 30+ years living in the city, either through accident or Intent, I seem to have taken on lots of its changes and personalities – do we all come to resemble the cities we love? Its layers have become my layers:

Individual gold hunter, gay oasis, tech evangelist, urban advocate, Herb Caen (yes he ascended to being an SF type) and demanding consumer of new thoughtful food and wine.

Pretentious? Well a bit, but it’s true that believing that charm and belief and thought and care can lead to a wonderful life and that a bit of disorder is what makes for great cities and dinner conversations.

I live on the fog line, right where the cool meets the sun in the Inner Sunsets. Places that interest me have a bit of history and a lot of local love.

Online presence
Ironically, having made my living in digital and social media, I personally avoid it. Go figure!

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