The Confectionery Seattle

Image by Munya Souaiaia

The Confectionery – A sweet tooth’s dream/downfall

I’m an RC- that’s a recovering candy-aholic for those of you not in the know. In my heyday, I was known for kicking back a bagful of nerds like it was no one’s business. I stashed Costco-sized boxes of Hot Tamales in my high school locker. You could say I had a problem. And The Confectionery was where I fed my addiction.

The Confectionery is an old-school candy shop that’s been around since I was very young. Their festively-decorated front window always woos customers inside- whether it’s a patriotic summer display of red-white-and-blue salt water taffy, or a Halloween delight of stacked chocolate pumpkins. I love their bulk candy, especially gummy penguins and sour cherries, tempting you from behind the glistening counters.

My over-indulgence (and bad genes) led to one too many cavities so I quit all candy (apart from chocolate and gum) cold-turkey in 2013. I still go to The Confectionery on a regular basis, whether it’s to buy gifts for friends, or purchase cute greeting cards and holiday decorations. Who knows, I might fall off the wagon- and The Confectionery will be just the place responsible.

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Details about this spot



4608 26th Ave NE, Seattle

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:30 - 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00


Snacks: USD 5


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