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Tsvetomira Filipova (1985)

About me
Hello! I am a digital marketing specialist, blogger, craft consultant, amateur photographer and former archaeologist. I have lived in Sofia all my life and have seen the big changes in the city’s culture, society and landscape.

Some of my favourite things are: books, maps, travelling, yoga, writing, archaeology, different forms of art.

I have a passion for creating a map of Sofia’s art, craft and inspiring places. If you are looking for spots like these, check out my articles here.

Why Sofia?
Sofia has always been my place – I grew up, studied and now work here.

Sofia has many different faces and can offer a lot of (hidden) treasures for those who love to explore and wander around.

One thing I really enjoy is its fast development during the last years, which puts it closer to the other modern European capitals.

Where can you find me online?
Personal blog

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