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Nathalie Bax (1981)

About me
Born ’81 and pretty much raised in Amsterdam, I moved to Stockholm in the summer of 2014. Always being involved with culture as my previous role as a music promoter and PR representative made me want to have excitement and discover ‘the next big thing’ all the time.

Why Stockholm
I used to live in Vasastan, Stockholm since 2014, but May 2019 we moved to Sundbyberg (a Stockholm suburb, 10 minutes by train from the city center). I live with my Swedish boyfriend and we are the lucky ones to also have a summer cottage in the Baltic / Archipelago.

I love organising events and bringing people together, making sure everyone has a great time. Traveling is in my blood. I’ve been to many parts of the world, trying to connect with the locals as much as I can. Then, I also love food, art, beers, obviously music, and then try keeping up with the latest trends for all of the above!

Whilst being a bit sceptical about Stockholm before I moved here and Swedish people being marked as ‘reserved’, I actually figured out that the city has a lot to offer if you look around closely. There are lots of cool places to hang out and the people are helpful and quite humble in general. It’s super green and lush here in summer and the winter darkness kinda makes it really cosy to go out and explore and hide in a little bar or café. I love the light decoration all over town, especially when it snows and the humidity is low.

Being Dutch, I have to say I’m quite good at triggering people for a coffee, lunch and concerts and try to get them out of the house and stroll around in town. Summer brings a lot of nice extras, e.g. outdoor movies in the park, rooftop or hotel bars with amazing views and places to go clubbing afterwards. Then there are also the music festivals, many cool terraces and food events that make me feel a little bit more closer to home.

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