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Nikolai Ostashov (1979)

About me
I was born in a small industrial border town. My teenage hood was all about our crew, rap, basketball and our street stories. After school I was lucky to enter Tartu University, where for 5 years I learned science and enjoyed student life.

When Estonia joined the EU I made a move to Ireland, where I spent 2 years of my precious life at the bar in the unforgettable small town of Clifden. And then finally in 2005 I decided to come back and settle down in Tallinn.

Now apart from wandering around in the city I work in an upcoming tourism business and try to do my best in entertaining and hosting my guests.

Why Tallinn?
Tallinn has almost everything that I need. It has people, that are intelligent, modern, proud and wicked at the same time. It has sea, which gives me a sense of limitless perspective, open scene and fresh breeze. It has history with medieval limestone Gothic walls and it has a relatively small size, so I can easily ride my bike everywhere..

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