OKAPI Tallinn

Image by Temuri Hvingija

OKAPI – Local design spot

“Broken glass everywhere!”- that’s how the classic rap Message from Grandmaster Flash starts and that’s how this association works in my head. When I think about glass, I think about broken. Back in 2007, people of Tallinn remember this infamous “glass” night that ended with lots and lots of broken glass on the streets of the Old Town. Nowadays it has turned into one of the city’s mythologems and plots for endless political speculations. But Hey! No politics, we are talking about glass now. How fragile, how pure and how inspiring material it can be.

In August 2013 a handful of young artists decided to open their own glass studio/gallery store. The heart of this studio is a hot glassblowing laboratory, where you can see how artists Birgit and Raili melt murano glass and create colourful beads, earrings and other miniature shapes. The other part of the studio has changing exhibitions of graphic art, photography and other stuff that is supervised by photographer Temuri.

The concept is to promote local alternative artists and design, offer some of the best, internationally accepted quality prints in Estonia, and provide space for inventive events, presentations and hangouts. So, if you are somewhere in the area, step in, have a look around and have a word with local artists; they are almost always there.

The gallery is easy to find, just a few steps from Town Hall Square, opposite Niguliste church and near Tallinn Information point.

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Niguliste 2, Tallinn

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Opening Times

Wed - Sat 11:00 - 18:00


Glass earrings: € 15


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