Terrace Tbilisi

Image by Mariam Chichua

Terrace – Restaurant in heaven

Terrace is a restaurant in Expo Georgia, a big park in Tbilisi where my grandparents spent their childhood, and this cafe is where we always used to spend some time ourselves.

It is a big place near the old beautiful pool with all the water plants and majestic aura like you are not in noisy Tbilisi but somewhere else. There are tall old trees and some soviet sculptures around.

The restaurant’s menu includes perfect salads and more. There is also live music near the pool area. The place is very enjoyable. You can just sit there and forget about all the cars and voices outside. You can chill and just enjoy the beautiful place with yummy food!

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Details about this spot



118 Akaki Tsereteli Ave, Tbilisi

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12:00 - 23:00 daily

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