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Reuven Abramovich (1983)

About me
I first arrived to Tel Aviv when I was 18, in order to be a musician. It was love at first sight (between me and Tel Aviv. Becoming a rock star turned out to be harder than I had imagined). After I finished my army service as a paratrooper, I did the traditional “after-army” trip and immediately afterwards came back to Tel Aviv and I’ve been here until this very day.

Upon graduating from Tel Aviv University, with a major in economics, I ditched a promising (didn’t promise anything) sommelier career (still a hobby) and moved into the finance field. Luckily, the company that hired me is located in an apartment building, so I can take a shower when I arrive, and then change my shoes to slippers. The great benefits of my new job also served me well while I got my masters degree in finance (from TAU as well).

I discovered Spotted by Locals after a frustrating night in Berlin. All the bars we went to were packed with tourists that obviously knew how to type “recommended bars in Berlin” on Google, it was awful. The day after we were looking for a different type of recommendations, the ones that will let us experience the non-touristy side of Berlin, and the best site we found was “Local advices” – just kidding, it was Spotted by Locals.

Why Tel Aviv?
Like the cliché says, this city never sleeps. And it’s not just the city, also the people here seem like they are always in motion. There are always new people you’ve never met, new bands you must hear and new restaurants or bars you must visit. Besides, this is the home city of my favorite sports team (Hapoel Tel-Aviv), so living here makes it easier for me to use my season ticket.

Where can you find me online?

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