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Sheilla Safra Maler (1991)

About me
Although my family decided to move from Tel Aviv (where I was born) to the north of Israel for my childhood years, my heart always knew I would return to live in the “non-stop city” and I’ve always felt the connection with Tel Aviv. After a few years of living in the suburbs of Tel Aviv (and being in Tel Aviv more often – exploring, enjoying her wonderful places, just walking around, rather than studying for exams) I returned to live in my hometown and I’m loving it.

Meanwhile I’m studying how to become an excellent tour guide at the university, working at a high tech company for a few years now, traveling Europe as much as I can, and trying to figure out where I can buy a time-traveling machine to get all I want to do done in a day- without coffee.

Why Tel Aviv?

  • Because I can feel it in my veins.
  • Because it’s the most alive, interchanging and interesting city in Israel.
  • Because no matter where I travel and no matter how much other cities in the world impress me, my heart says to me – home is also beautiful.
  • Because the city embraces anyone, combines them with others, and creates a unique experience and for many – a source of inspiration.
  • Because the contrasts in the city are crazy, but shows you what how life can flow naturally.

Where can you find me online?
Safra Maler Photography

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