Dede & Nitzan Mintz Tel Aviv

Image by Kathrin Petersen

Dede & Nitzan Mintz – Urban artist & visual poet

Dede was one of the first street artists I discovered when I visited Tel Aviv in 2012 for the first time. I strolled through Neve Tzedek and found his “Bandaids” and squirrels on Shabazi Street.

To cope with the difficult things he experienced in his military service, he used the Bandaids to express himself, which then became his signature art, similar to Nitzan Mintz who also started her Street Art Poems during her military service. While starting out separately, they have worked on many pieces together lately, and their art complements each other very well. Nitzan Mintz poems work after a second look. Some words you have to decipher, some words you need to read carefully, sometimes think about the meaning for a few minutes. She uses wordplay resembling Dadaism.  

Dede – who keeps his real identity unknown – likes to connect to his community through Instagram. Not long ago, he gave out Bandaid flags on a crossing in Florentin on Independence Day, or gave hints on posts for people to find his works he hid for that scavenger hunt. 

You can find many of their joint art in Florentin – for example at Hertzl 77 Parking Lot or Ben Atar Street. Some of the Bandaids you can find on the opposites side of Ala Rampa at Ha’Amal Street 21 or at Kibbutz Galiyut Street 8. To find more, check out the map on Dede’s website:

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Herzl Street 77, Tel Aviv

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