Garger HaZahav Tel Aviv

Image by Yoav Peli

Garger HaZahav – Hummus for Hipsters

Israelis can argue for hours where the best hummus is served. Some will drive for hours to eat a Hummus bowl in Acre (city in the North of Israel), Abu-Gosh (small village outside of Jerusalem or Jaffa (right next to Tel Aviv).

I was never a big hummus fan, I always feel way too heavy after eating a bowl full of Hummus , but when I saw the huge line outside of “Garger HaZahav” (which means Golden Chickpea) I got curious. 

I called my friend (a huge hummus fan) and asked him to join me for a hummus lunch in Lewinsky Market. He was skeptical – “there is no way that this is a good hummus, you won’t find a good one in Tel Aviv). I rolled my eyes and promised to buy him a beer if he will join me.

When we arrived my friend took a look and announce “it’s full of hipsters, the hummus must suck”…. I almost gave up, but then the waiter invited us in. We sat and ordered some food: hummus, fries, fried cauliflower, tabula salad, pickles, grilled eggplants salad and of course two cold Goldstar beers.

I really enjoyed the food, it was fresh and tasty, the hummus was served warm with olive oil, chickpea grains and warm pitta bread. After we finished eating I asked my friend (the so-called “hummus expert”) what he thought about the food. He looked at me and said “Damn! These hipsters know how to make hummus!”…

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Hummus+2 dishes: ILS 35

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