Kuli Alma Tel Aviv

Image by Ben Palhov

Kuli Alma – Not just for Hipsteins

In Tel Aviv bars usually have a homogeneous shape and decoration. The Kuli Alma, located on the “backyard” of Rothschild boulevards presents a totally different point of view.

The Kuli Alma interior design is changing through its spaces in a way that seems strange at first sight, but somehow turns to be amazing as you blend in. You start your journey by going down the stairs, usually really carefully, because lot of people use them as seats and then you come into an inner yard with a small bar. One path leads to a much bigger bar, which has a totally different atmosphere, while the second path leads you to a relaxed area with comfortable seats. There is a DJ every day, and sometimes live musical events. Besides drinks, there is a nice small food menu, which you can order from.

I often use Kuli-Alma as a place to meet everyone in the beginning of the night and then consider other places for later (Levontin 7 for example, check my Levontin 7 article), although on many occasions we found ourselves staying there for the whole night (well, it’s not 24/7, so obviously not the whole night, but you get the point).

There are special events from time to time, use the Facebook page/website to get updates.

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Details about this spot



Mikve Israel 10, Tel Aviv

Telephone number


Opening Times

21:00 - 05:00 daily


Local beer : ILS 28


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