Max Brenner Tel Aviv

Image by Sheilla Safra Maler

Max Brenner – Chocolate paradise

My first tip for visiting Max Brenner is not stepping on the scales for a week after said visit. If your inner kid is nagging at you to eat some tasty chocolate and you’ve already had ice cream (or it’s a rainy day) I recommend you visit Max Brenner.

The hot drinks are great – like chocolate – served in a huge mug, but don’t order it if you’re going to eat a sweet meal, you will end up saying “I will never eat chocolate again”. Like I say every time I forget this tip. I would also recommend not ordering a “main” meal, there are too many other tasty things to try.

For children the visit will be exciting and they can order “Hello ice cream bar” – dip ice cream in hot chocolate, and chocolate pizza (yes, you read it right!).

For romantic dinners or hanging out with friends you can order a huge dish of Tiramisu crepe.

And although I thought it would be horrible, the chocolate alcoholic drinks are great, especially the martini that’s served in a special ice glass.

Some of the branches have shops inside so you can take some of the treats home. There are more branches in Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv port; Habarzel St. (if you’re visiting Tel Aviv for business in the area) and in the Sharona district. And…they have a vegan menu now! Yes!

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Details about this spot



Rothschild boulevard 45, Tel Aviv

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Opening Times

09:00 - 01:00 daily


Tiramisu crepe: ILS 52


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