Nalaga'at Center Tel Aviv

Image by Kathrin Petersen

Nalaga’at Center – Special cultural center in Jaffa

Nalaga’at Center (Na laga’at means “Please touch” in Hebrew) is a very special place in the port of Jaffa. For me maybe even more – my boyfriend used to work with them, so I met the amazing staff which are all either blind, deaf or deaf-blind. 

Nalaga’at Center is divided into different parts: One part is the “BlackOut” Restaurant where you eat in total darkness. You order your meal beforehand from a menu, either a known dish or a surprise menu. Inside the restaurant, it’s pitch black, and the nice waiters help you if you can’t find your fork or plate. It’s a totally new experience not to see what you are eating and to have to guess what it is.

One other part of the center is the theatre, where some of the same staff works as actors. It was the first time I had experienced blind and deaf actors on stage, and it was a great and unique show! The actors even travel abroad to perform in other countries. Very recommended is the show: “Not by bread alone”.

They also offer interesting workshops like chocolate tasting in the dark or sign language lessons.

For both the restaurant and theatre you need to book ahead, which is easily done through their website.

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Retzif HaAliya HaShniya Street, Tel Aviv

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Sun - Thu 09:00 - 22:00


Dinner from: ILS 120


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