The Minzar Tel Aviv

Image by Lior Hargil

The Minzar – Simplicity at its best

Although the contemporary trend in Tel Aviv is cocktail bars, inhabited by bartenders wearing bow ties and suspenders, sometimes all I wish is to have a simple drink (and by that I mean beer) with a friend, in a place that does not look like the background of a Mad Men’s scene. In that case, I’m going to The Minzar.

The Minzar (the Monastery), located at the heart of Tel Aviv (Allenby 60), hasn’t changed a lot since it was established in 1993, maybe because it didn’t have the time to. The place is usually almost full, probably because it attracts people of all types: students, writers, tourists, actors, waiters, hipsters etc.

Loyal to the local city vision about never going to sleep, it’s open 24/7; ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy a last drink at 05:30 after a party, or at noon, after shopping in the Carmel market. So, if you’re around, and you probably will be around at some point of your trip, the Minzar is a great place to have a drink or two.

Tip: right next to the Minzar there is an excellent Asian street food restaurant called The Bun, and also a cute small place that is dedicated only to blancmanges (Malabi in Hebrew).

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Allenby 60, Tel Aviv

Telephone number


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24 hours daily


Draught Beer: ILS 32

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