Toysim Tel Aviv

Image by Noa Kind

Toysim – Old-school toy store

It’s very hard to find small businesses that are working in the same old fashioned way like they used to in Tel Aviv. Some of them gently preserve the magic of old times. One of them is Toysim – a toy store that has toys like they used to make years ago, with nothing electronic and no moving screens.

The place was established more than 25 years ago by a mom that fell in love with her son’s toys. She brings them from many countries like Japan and India. The items are not only fun to play with but also very aesthetic and nostalgic, and the whole store is very fun to visit. It’s all full of colors, playful, with wood and plastic. They even have toys for adults (not what you have in mind!) like vintage robots and home decor items.

I would very much recommend to stop by for a visit. with real kids or kids in heart. You can find cool toys to play with or use as a decorative item – either way you’ll feel like a child again, only if for a few minutes only.

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King George Street 97, Tel Aviv

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Sun - Thu 11:00 - 19:00, Fri 10:00 - 15:00


Music box: ILS 119

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