Vitrina Tel Aviv

Image by Noa Kind

Vitrina – Best fries in Tel Aviv

I may be vegan but I love this burger place! It’s worth going there just for the amazing fries – super thin, with lemon zest on top, and with beat ketchup on the side… just perfect.

This place, called Vitrina, was opened as a small booth back in 2011 by a guy that had a vision: to bring high-quality street food to Tel Aviv. He opened his booth, and soon enough every day you could find a line that went around the block.

Vitrina is a word that doesn’t exist in English: the glass cabinet that delis have on their front for display. When this place was established, the name was a perfect fit: it had a dozen different kinds of sausages, some spicy, some with cheese, some just high quality, displayed on its booth. The lucky ones that got to the end of the line would choose one (or more) things from the glass display and go out on the street to eat it, making room for the next visitor.

Since then the place has changed a bit: it started focusing more on hamburgers & was awarded for one of the best burgers in town; it opened a second place in the south of Tel Aviv; finally it moved to a new place, bigger & well designed, with lots of seats and new dishes like crispy chicken. The original glass display is gone, but the amazing food is still there, and the ever-lasting line around the block stayed with it. Don’t miss it!

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Details about this spot



Ibe Gabirol St 36, Tel Aviv

Opening Times

Sun - Wed 12:00 - 23:00, Thu 12:00 - 00:00


Butler Burger: ILS 40

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