1,600-Year-Old Wall Thessaloniki

Image by Martina Papaioannou

1,600-Year-Old Wall – Ancient wall beneath gadgets

Placed right at the shopping center, Public is not like a department store you haven’t seen before. Honestly, you’ve probably been to one bigger and better. But what you haven’t done before is read a book sitting on a glass floor staring at a 1,600 year old wall. Yes, under a building full of cds, video games, gadgets and books lies a well preserved fortifying wall from the Early Christian period.

Grabbing a bean bag, a book from the massive collection and relaxing on the glass floor is the last stop of my weekly visit to Public. First going down the escalator I always get excited over the huge Spiderman hanging from the ceiling and remember that I’m still 10 at heart, next stop is the video game area where you can choose from a variety of consoles to try and then I hit the used video games stand looking for an affordable gift for my brother. Also check out the part of Public with the books on the ceiling.

I suggest you pick a book, there are lots in English or in Greek, if you’re crazy enough to be learning Greek (seriously why?) and get lost in stories between ancient walls for a while.

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