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Martina Papaioannou (1991)

About me
I grew up in Volos, a city by the sea in central Greece and moved to Thessaloniki to study Electrical and Computer Engineering. I obviously love travelling and I’m down for trying pretty much everything.

Favorite things in the world include riding my bike, spending full days at the beach, concerts where I can sing my lungs out and the moment the plane lifts off.

Why Thessaloniki?
Why not?

Always full of life and events, it’s the ultimate student city in Greece. It’s small enough to be easily explored on foot or by bike and big enough to provide choices for every taste.

From metalheads to traditional Greek music lovers, from fashionistas to foodies, from locals looking for a place to relax to tourists searching for adventure, Thessaloniki offers everything.

Honestly it can be kind of dirty and raw at times and disappoint you on rainy days, but you will always leave with stories to tell.

Where can you find me online?

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