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Chiara Pillon (1990)

About me
I’m a high-functioning ambivert.
Former ambulance volunteer and Med student gone wrong, now Artisanal Pasta maker, born and raised in Turin.
Cat lover, I how way too many books and graphic novels. I have very good friends. They’re the basis for wonderful experiences and a great life.

I’ve done a lot of different sports, but the one I prefer is trekking in the mountains in good company.
I love travelling, but I really enjoy coming back home and exploring and accurately planning another escape.

Despite my past scientific life, I’ve a quite developed creative side.
Instagram-aholic, full time doodler, part time cook. I love trying new recipes, especially desserts.
My love for food put me on a diet. More than one time.
But no one can really tear us apart.

Why Turin
Turin used to be a grey, dull, industrial city.
But starting from the 2006 Winter Olympics, there was a metamorphosis. A lot of young students populated the city, new projects were created and the city became greener, more approachable. More alive.

It has a great history and great museums, but there are also a lot of clubs, cocktail bars, restaurants of all kinds and beautiful spots to be discovered.

Turin is like a super-grandma: she wears stilettos and a mini skirt, but in her hand you can still find a Vermuth and in her mouth old Piedmontese wise sayings.

Where else can you find me online?

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