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About me
As an economist with a humanistic background, proficiency in data and figures has come together with a passion for languages and writing. After grammar school I spent my life outside Italy out of choice, 3 years in Hamburg, one in Denmark, one in Moscow and the rest in Brussels, my curiosity for travel matching my professional destinations.

I am currently working on EU environmental projects related to rivers and lakes, drafting them as well as managing policy monitoring on topics such as environment and sustainable tourism. Beside this, in my free time I really enjoy catching up with the endless pile of to-be-read books stored in my flat, playing guitar and practising sport, including windsurfing, rowing and skiing.

Why Turin?
Paradoxically I started loving my hometown, Turin, while living abroad from my 19th till my 30th birthday. This voluntary distance made me appreciate quite a few of Turin’s traits which were underrated when I lived there: its humble and noble beauty, its rich cultural life, its human size. Furthermore, since the industrial crisis of Fiat, Turin has had to re-discover its bourgeois past made of elegant cafés, tasty food, wine tradition and pedestrian zones. The unflattering definition of “grey Manchester of Italy” is long outdated and I believe my hometown deserves more recognition internationally.

Beside its beauty and wide leisure offer, Turin is at a stone’s throw from the skiing slopes of the Alps, 40km from the Langhe vineyards and 1h from the seaside. Can you really ask for more?

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