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I am an architect by day and a theater enthusiast by night. And on the weekends, I am a translator. I don’t know how, but I still manage to have enough spare time to travel and enjoy walking my dog, going to concerts, hiking, or just exploring the city.

I am from Sarajevo and moved to Vienna in 2017. I moved because of a funny feeling called “Fernweh” (wanderlust) in German. And since I used to live in Austria as a kid (during the war in ex-Yugoslavia), I already spoke German and it was familiar to me.

I call my favorite hobby “free therapy” – i.e. my theater group. Whatever problems I might have, those couple of hours of rehearsal free my mind and relax me. It’s my passion and I always say “I would gladly only iron costumes just to be able to work in a theater.”

Why Vienna?
Fun fact – I used to be a Sarajevo Spotter. After spending several years in Vienna and making it my home, I decided to apply to be a Spotter for Vienna. A place you move to can’t be the same as your hometown, but it can become your home. Vienna has definitely given me a lot. I have changed and grown here, dared to try new things, and become part of the community (or several of them).

Vienna is a very calm city. It is not so big or wild as to be overwhelming, but also not so small as to feel like you don’t have anything new to see. When living here, you really feel like you have never-ending possibilities. The way it is connected to nature is my favorite part and I love using the hiking paths around the city on weekends. It is amazing that you can feel as if you’re miles away within half an hour.

It was a coincidence that I moved to the 20th district only a couple of months after moving here, but I love it so much that I found an apartment in the same neighborhood where my old apartment was. It is a bit rustic, but it has it all – good food, good neighbors, the Augarten, the Donaukanal, and you are in the city center within 15 minutes just by strolling along the Donaukanal.

My articles are quite personal, because I always try to add some personal aspect for the spot – how I found it, why I love it, what I order, and so on. So, I hope you’ll enjoy the spots as much as I do!

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