Kalnai Park of Hills Vilnius

Image by Kamilė Naraitė

Kalnai Park of Hills – Enjoy the city panorama

Kalnai Park (Lithuanian: Kalnų parkas; literally: Park of Hills) is a huge park, which is located between the left bank of the Neris River and the right bank of the Vilnia River. There are a lot of ways to reach it, but the easiest way is from T. Kosciuškos street.

I like Kalnai Park because it is made up of several of the highest hills of Vilnius. The Hill of Three Crosses is the most magnificent of them. According to the legend, pagans killed seven Franciscan monks on that hill, pinned them to crosses and they were floated down the river. So, now the Three Crosses (by architect and sculptor Antanas Vivulskis) stands there as memorial.

I like the way all hills of Kalnai Park have more than one name. For example, The Hill of Three Crosses is also known as Kreivasis (crooked) Hill, or Plikasis (bare) Hill or Tauro Hill. Next hill is Stalo Hill (Table Hill) name because of its shape: it is flat is like a table. My favourite hill is The Hill of Gediminas Grave. It is a symbol of Vilnius which always remembers Duke Gediminas and the legend of Vilnius.

Kalnai Park is the best place for people who want to enjoy the city panorama. Also, in summer, a lot of different events and festivals take place here. One of the most popular festivals is Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration.

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T. Kosciuskos str., Vilnius

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24 hours daily


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