Las Rąk Warsaw

Image by Nitzan Reisner

Las Rąk – Handmade heaven!

Whether you’re a tourist, a visitor or a guest, it’s usually nice to go back home with a keepsake of some sort. One can always go to a shop in the Old Town and buy a really expensive Polish magnet or stop by at the last minute airport store and by a standard I LOVE POLAND mug or WARSAW! t-shirt… But one can also walk over to Chmielna Street in the very center of the city and wander into… Las Rąk’s new, fantastically cluttered and colorful store.

At first – you’re overwhelmed. The wealth of colors, shapes, textures, sizes, things, thingamajigs and thingamabobs is certainly a lot to take in. It’s all a blur. But then you start to walk around – be careful not to bump into anything! – and begin to see each and every unique item. You momentarily want to touch everything! Bags, hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, baskets, teddy bears, wooden toys, plates; new interpretations of Polish folk art, recycled newspapers, the new life of Legos, extraordinary things made out of ordinary materials! All items in the store are handmade by young Polish craftsmen and artists. Each and every thing is special. And (un)fortunately…there are are constantly new amazing things appearing in the store, so you’ll just have to keep going back!

If you want something to remember Poland by, Las Rąk is definitely the place to go!

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Chmielna 9, Warsaw

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Tue - Fri 11:11 - 19:19, Sat - Sun 11:11 - 17:17


Items from: PLN 5


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