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Nitzan Reisner (1988)

About me
I was born in New York, but have lived in Warsaw since I was 5-and-a-half. I am a city person. I always have been. Born in a big city. Raised in a big city. My idea of the best way to fall asleep at night is listening to passing cars and wandering people.

I like to walk around for hours and stumble onto amazing people and places by chance. And to read good books. And to spend time with friends. And to eat good food. Food. Yup, I definitely love to eat. And travel – my goal is to travel to all sorts of European cities and just soak them up!

I studied Cultural Studies and specialized in Urban Culture. I have had the pleasure of working at amazing cultural institutions.

Why Warsaw?
I have lived in Warsaw since 1994. I have seen it change, morph, grow into itself. And I have grown up with it.

Warsaw is a city that doesn’t necessarily let you fall in love with it at first sight. It isn’t Paris or London. It’s Warsaw! Get to know it, wander around, meet people, find a sweet cafe, a nice bookshop, your favorite street and BAM! It’s love.

I love Warsaw because it’s different. Because it’s unusual. Because it’s surprising. Because Warsaw doesn’t give up and just won’t quit! Because it has so much potential! Because of the amazing people who have amazing ideas and do amazing things!

And last, but not least… because it’s home!

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