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Sofia Manukyan (1988)

About me
I am into environmentalism, and most probably for that reason, the nice spots in my city that come to my mind are linked with parks or natural spots.

I also love smoke-free indoor spaces. Probably because there are few of those in Yerevan.

I like writing and photography. I am also one of those persons who can walk at the same spot every day and notice something new every now and then.

All these things combined make me interested in writing and sharing about the city I live in –Yerevan– for those who are ready to explore it.

Why Yerevan
Despite gentrification (which is probably happening in most parts of the world), I like Yerevan because everything here is familiar to me. I feel comfortable here, I know I won’t ever get lost here, even if I don’t know all of its neighborhoods well enough. I realized how comfortable I am here after 3 years abroad and travelling/studying/working. I felt this is a comfort zone. Comfort zones are there to be left behind and then revisited 🙂

Where else can you find me online?

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