Vahagn Vardumyan

About me
I am currently working on long-term tourism development projects, mainly as a trail development specialist and ecotourism expert. In one team I am helping to create hiking and mountain biking trails for the Dilijan National Park in Armenia, in another one researching transboundary tourism packages, tourism management in protected areas, etc. I am also involved with the Transcaucasian Trail international team as a trailblazer. I love hiking, cycling, Yoga and arts. I do pottery when I have the chance for it, and I am a big fan of eco-buildings, especially strawbale and clay combination. I love sharing my culture with outsiders and traveling, so I can get to know other cultures.

Why Yerevan
Because I love my city, I know it pretty well and I would like to help others know it as well. I’ve traveled around the world quite a lot, got to know many other cultures and learned to look at my city from a different angle, which helps me understand which particular place/area/element would be more interesting to talk about. I believe interesting stories are a good way to share your culture and I also love creative writing, so I think by becoming a Spotter I will also get a chance to use my creativity in addition to the knowledge I have about Yerevan.

Where else can you find me online?

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