Pizzeria Bas Zagreb

Image by Iva Bezinović-Haydon

Pizzeria Bas – Sit back and watch the world go by

We moved to Zagreb on a cold evening in February. The first thing we did was search on Google maps for a nearby pizza place that delivered to our new apartment. That’s how we discovered Pizzeria Bas. Initially, we had to beg them to bring us pizza. They couldn’t deliver to anyone with a foreign phone number since they couldn’t contact us in case anything went wrong (How often do things go wrong with a pizza, though?).  

Since then, we’ve ordered pizza from Bas so many times that the delivery guy says “Hello” to me when we run into each other in town (I’m not sure this is something to be proud of, but there you go). 

We also visit Bas, we don’t just wait for them to come to us! On a sunny day, their terrace is perfect for a variety of activities. You don’t only have to eat, you can also judge the dog owners who don’t pick the dog poo up, laugh at the cars who don’t know how to use a roundabout and watch all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff on the always-busy British square.

Bas has a daily menu out every workday at affordable prices. So far we’ve tried their fish and vegetable dishes and we were perfectly happy with both. Their pizza is simple but it’s everything a pizza should be. My personal favourite: Istarska – with olive oil and lots and lots of garlic. Perfect pick for a romantic evening. 😉

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Pantovčak 2, Zagreb

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09:00 - 23:00 daily


Istarska pizza: Kn 36


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